You should understand that Caretel Inns are different than other retirement communities.  Mainly there are several areas of differences. They are:
1.The Inn Concept
2.Real Choices
3.Rehabilitation Focus
5.        Fine Dining
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Caretel Inns is a Michigan company, operated by people who are dedicated to what we do.  We may have the appearance of a large chain, but not so. We encourage you to visit a Caretel community. Seeing is believing. Meet our staff and guests, you may find a neighbor or someone you know.  Ask questions- it shows you care.
People love their homes. We understand. People love to be independent. We understand. But time and age does change things. Adding just a little care and three chef-prepared meals a day actually increases a feeling of independence.  There is more to life than waiting for a visit from family, loneliness, TV, and microwave dinners.  Caretel is a beautiful place to live, filled with many experiences. In fact, Caretel is for Kids, Caretel is for Ice Cream, Caretel is for love. Enjoy!
Note: Caretel Inns of Linden is a new facility to be opened in spring of 2008. Since it is not complete, it was not possible to show photographs of the interior. Photos from similar sister facilities are substituted. The building design is the same and interior will be slightly different.